About Fan Gear Barn

Fan Gear Barn is a US-based e-commerce sports fan gear website, created and run by a sports marketing professional and college hockey player with over 25 years of experience in the sports industry.

Unlike other sports fan gear, sports cards and sports collectibles stores, Fan Gear Barn currently has all of the products on in our warehouse, which allows us to immediately ship any order on our website within 24 hours. The sports fan gear, clothing, hats, sports cards, sports collectibles and other fan gear on Fan Gear Barn has been carefully selected and maintained, ensuring that the items you receive are exactly what you ordered and are all authentic fan gear.

All of the products on Fan Gear Barn are shipped daily from Oak Ridge, Tennessee and are carefully packaged and shipped immediately to make sure that they arrive to you safely and securely.

Speaking of security, all transactions on Fan Gear Barn feature SSL encryption and we will never share or sell your information with any third parties, so you can shop safely with the knowledge that the Fan Gear Barn team is protecting your information.

Because many of the items on Fan Gear Barn are one-of-a-kind sports fan gear, we cannot guarantee that the item that you see today will be here tomorrow--Fan Gear Barn is adding items to our inventory on a regular basis, but the item you see here today may be gone tomorrow.

If you need to reach Fan Gear Barn, you can visit our contact us page, call Fan Gear Barn at 888-721-2276 or email us at